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Colon Classification


                                                     Colon Classification

Dr. S.R. Ranganathan was the founder of “Colon Classification”. Colon Classification is known as ‘analytico Synthetic Scheme’. It is also described as “Freely Faceted Scheme”.

The 1st  edition of colon classification was published in 1933 and up to now 7th edition of colon classification have been published ( 1987).

 First Edition of Colon Classification in 1933

1)      It is used only ‘Six general laws and ‘five laws of library science’.

  : (colon) was used to ‘combine together different facets’.

   First edition of Colon Classification’s there has 3 parts.

             1) 127 pages of rules explaining the underlying principles.

      II    2) 135 pages of schedules.

    III.   3) 106 Pages of Index.

 Mixed Notation was used in Colon Classification.

Second Edition of Colon Classification in 1939

Ø  The 4th part was added which contained about 3000 examples which were illustrative of the rules given in the 1st part.

Ø  2nd edition 4 parts given bellow

                     I.            Rules of Classification

                   II.            Schedules of Classification

                 III.            Index of the Schedules

                 IV.            Examples of call numbers  (Added)

 The main class Mysticism was introduced which was represented by Greek Letter 'Delta'.

Third edition of colon classification 1950 ( After 11 Year)

The Postulates of Five Fundamental categories were introduced for the first time.

Fundamental Category Indicator Digit
Personality , [Comma]
Matter ; [Semi-Colon]
Energy : [Colon]
Space . [Dot]
Time '--' [Inverted Comma]

Ø  Rounds and Levels

§  Round






§  Level














Ø  Main Class






4th edition and 5th edition of colon classification in 1952 and 1957

 6th edition of colon classification in 1960   

Ø  Other changes brought out in colon classification in 6th edition were reported in the “Annexure” of reprints [1961, 1969 and 1970].

Ø  Changing of connecting symbol for ‘time’   from ‘Dot [.]’ to a single inverted comma [‘].

7th Edition of Colon Classification Published in 1987

Ø  Title : - Colon Classification by S.R. Ranganathan, 7th Edition (Basic and Depth Versions)

Ø  Volume 1st  Schedules for classification. It was revised and edited by M.A. Gopinath.

The present Volume of Colon Classification 7th edition is comprised of 8 parts

      I.            Part A : Introduction

     II.            Part B : Guidance to the beginner

    III.            Part C : General Rules.

    IV.            Part D : General Divisions and common isolates

     V.            Part E : Special Isolate

   VI.            Part F : Index

  VII.            Part  G : Schedules of classes

 VIII.            Part H : Index to Schedules of classes 


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